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Cybersecurity 2017: Refunds and Cancellations

If you wish to withdraw your application, please send an email to info@twc.edu to notify The Washington Center of your decision. TWC will send a confirmation email once each withdrawal has been processed.


  • If you withdraw on or before March 22, 2017, you will forfeit your nonrefundable $200 deposit and incur no other charges.
  • If you withdraw after March 22, 2017, but prior to ten (10) calendar days before the start of the seminar, you will be assessed a $350 administrative fee (in addition to the nonrefundable deposit).
  • If you are accepted on or after March 22, 2017, you will be provided a 10-day window post-admission within which you can withdraw without incurring a financial penalty beyond the non-refundable $200 deposit.
  • If you withdraw prior to May 4, 2017 and have already paid your seminar fee, you will receive a refund of the balance minus your $200 deposit and $350 administrative fee (if applicable).
  • If you withdraw on or after May 4, 2017, (regardless of acceptance date), you will be responsible for the entire seminar fee of $1,995.

If your institution has agreed to cover the cost of your attendance, but you decide to withdraw from the seminar, you will be liable for the above stated fees—even if you did not initially pay a deposit. It is also your responsibility to notify The Washington Center (via info@twc.edu) in writing as soon as you decide to withdraw. If you fail to do so, you – not your school – will be financially responsible for all associated costs, up to and including the full amount of the seminar fee.


If you wish to appeal any of these charges, please send an email to info@twc.edu explaining why you decided to withdraw from the academic seminar. The Washington Center will consider any extenuating circumstances. This policy is also reflected in the online application and all accepted students have already agreed to it by checking off a box prior to submission.

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