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Together we change lives by putting learning into action.

The Washington Center helps colleges and universities deliver on their promise to prepare students for life by providing career guidance in the context of a real world experience. We partner with more than 500 colleges and universities around the globe to help students explore and discern their career paths.

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Students benefit most when the internship integrates what they are doing with other experiences, on and off the campus. No organization does this better than TWC.

George D. Kuh
Founding Director, Senior Scholar and Co-principal Investigator at the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

An Extension of Your Campus

Our partners are able to expand the reach of their campus and curriculum, offering their students access and opportunities they just can't get on campus.

Applied Liberal Arts

With so much focus on career preparation, schools are under increasing pressure to deliver 'practical' value. Our customized internships and academic programming provide real world experience. Students put their classroom learning to work and get connected to invaluable professional networks.

Internship Placement

We don't fill slots or leave students on their own to find an internship. We take great care to interview students and match them with an internship that fits their individual interests, skills and goals. We partner closely with hundreds of organizations to make sure each student has the right opportunity.

Intentional Mentorship

We don't just send students off to work and provide a place to stay. We choose and train internship site supervisors to be mindful of both the educational and professional development our student interns need. That care and support extends to life after hours. Our LEAD Instructors are available for individual counseling sessions to help students reach their full personal and professional potential.

Diverse Experiences and Peers

Most experiential learning programs focus on one thing, like study abroad, internships, cultural exchange or volunteer opportunities. We offer all of these in one personalized educational experience where student interns live, work and learn in an intentional, global community. Our alumni return to campus or home better informed, more globally minded, and professionally equipped to pursue successful careers—usually at a cost similar to a study abroad program or a semester at their school.

International Prestige

We understand coming to Washington, D.C. is a big investment. However, the quality and quantity of opportunities for engaging with world-renowned organizations here are unlike anywhere else on the planet. As the largest, most established internship program of its kind, we have the infrastructure and connections to make the experience the best investment students make in their future career.

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