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Cybersecurity 2017

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Cybersecurity 2017

As the frequency of cyber threats and attacks continues to rise, our national security is increasingly at risk. Through the Cybersecurity 2017 academic seminar, you’ll examine issues surrounding the defensive and offensive protection of online space, whether it be protecting confidential information or gathering intelligence. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with peers from around country to consider the impact of cybersecurity on our country’s national security, examine its vital role within a global society and discuss the clear and present dangers of cyber threats to the global economy.


What topics will be covered?

The program will focus on topics such as national and international cyber threats and defense, digital analysis, security policies and strategies, risk analysis, ethical and legal issues, operational processes, cybercrime, cyber espionage and cyber intelligence (view working presentation topics). You’ll engage with professionals working in different areas of cybersecurity (see past speakers) and visit organizations throughout D.C. with connections in the field (see past site visits).


What will you take away from the event?

Through this experience, you will gain an insider’s view of the cybersecurity field, enhance your professional network and discover the incredible variety of career paths in the cybersecurity field.


You may be able to earn academic credit at your institution for participating in this program; however, you are not required to earn credit.


Program Details

May 14-21, 2017

Washington, D.C.


Seminar Fees

There is no application fee, but a $200 deposit is due at the time of application. This deposit is applied towards the program fee and is only refunded if the applicant is not accepted into the program.


$1,995 (housing included)*


*Please note, billing arrangements for this program vary from school to school. You should confirm your net cost of attendance (the final amount you will owe your institution and/or The Washington Center) with your campus liaison or faculty sponsor.



Applicants selected for this academic seminar are guaranteed fully furnished, apartment-style housing in our Residential & Academic Facility.


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