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Campaign 2016

Convention 2016

Go behind the scenes of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions with on-site fieldwork, briefings with distinguished speakers and more.


Presidential Inauguration 2017

Witness the swearing-in of the next president of the United States and explore the critical issues surrounding the transfer of power.

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Students witness history in the making at The Washington Center’s academic seminars. In one- to two-week programs, participants delve into hot-button issues, interact with nationally recognized leaders and gain insight into the American political process.


Go behind the scenes

With TWC’s academic seminars, students get to experience the events they are learning about in the classroom. From national political conventions to the presidential inauguration, participants are able to be a part of the moments that shape U.S. history.


Hear from the leading voices of our time

Participants in our academic seminars are given unique access to hear from distinguished speakers and public figures. Past speakers have included Justice Antonin Scalia (U.S. Supreme Court), Dana Perino (White House Press Secretary), Chuck Hagel (U.S. Senate) and Bob Woodward (The Washington Post).


Get outside your comfort zone

Whether it’s Washington, D.C. for the presidential inauguration or one of the host cities for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, students are able to live, learn and explore in a new city.


Make connections

No matter which academic seminar they attend, students will have the opportunity to interact with leaders in the political and media fields, along with their faculty directors and fellow students. All of these connections add up to a strong professional network that can make a difference.


Upcoming Seminars


Conventions 2016Convention 2016, July 10-22 (RNC) and July 17-29 (DNC)

Students have the opportunity to attend the Republican or Democratic National Conventions as active participants by volunteering in the field with organizations involved in the conventions.TWC’s convention programs feature academic instruction led by nationally renowned faculty directors. Students also attend briefings and hear from distinguished speakers from both the political and media realms.



Presidential Inauguration 2017, January 8-21

The final academic seminar in the Campaign 2016 series is the Presidential Inauguration. Students will have the opportunity to be in Washington, D.C. to witness the swearing-in of the next president and vice president of the United States. Students will also gain exposure to the critical issues surrounding the transfer of power, including political appointments, agenda setting, congressional relations and media coverage.

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