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Inside Washington Academic Seminar

Inside Washington Academic Seminar, Jan 03-16, 2016, Washington, D.C.

Have an opportunity to be in Washington, D.C. and witness first-hand the political process in action.

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Extraordinary & Intensive Learning Experiences

TWC’s Academic Seminars are experiential learning at its finest. Several times each year, The Washington Center’s Academic Seminars bring students together to explore the intersection of current affairs, politics, international relations and society. Academic Seminars are timely, relevant, and comprehensive. The time you spend in D.C. will open your mind for years to come. You’ll gain a better appreciation of the complexities facing world leaders, and see things from points of view you’ve never considered before. Reaching well beyond books and classrooms, opportunities include experiential fieldwork, relevant site visits or tours, panel interviews and small group discussions.


Explore a world of insight on the issues our country is talking about in these extraordinary and intensive learning experiences. Each academic seminar offers an in-depth look into a range of timely topics ranging from public policy and media, to international affairs and electoral politics. Engage, question, and learn from leading voices, get insider’s access to embassies, Capitol Hill, and media or nongovernmental organizations. Immerse yourself in an incredible opportunity to hone your point of view on the nation, and the world.


Explore All That D.C. Has To Offer

You’ll also have the time to, independently or with other seminar participants, explore Washington, D.C., a city rich with cultural diversity, historical significance and artistic flair. Take in the impressive architecture, incredible museums, or a good meal from any corner of the globe. Go to a world-class performance at the Ford Theatre or take in music and dance at the Kennedy Center. It’s a fascinating city with innumerable ways to expand your learning and enhance your entire Washington experience.


Inside Washington Academic Seminar, Jan 03-16, 2016

Have an opportunity to be in Washington, D.C. and witness the political process in action -- an opportunity that will open doors to students as they pursue their future careers.

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