Structuring State Scholarship Programs

Structuring State Scholarship Programs

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The Washington Center works with governors, state legislators, state agency officials and universities to launch State Relations Initiatives. These initiatives solidify a partnership between TWC and a state for the benefit of a state’s university and college students.

Under this type of initiative:

  • One hundred percent of the funding will go directly to students as academic scholarships.
  • States will establish a structure of the partnership including school eligibility, scholarship amounts, and residency requirements.
  • States can limit scholarships to public institutions only or provide scholarship to both public and private institutions.
  • States can set one scholarship amount for all students or provide differing levels for public and private institutions. Individual scholarships tend to range from $3,000 to $6,000 per student.
  • States can impose a residency requirement for scholarship eligibility or maintain open eligibility for all students attending its universities and colleges.
  • Over the last 15 years, 23 states have funded scholarships for university and college students, many from economically disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

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