Working with The Washington Center

Working with The Washington Center

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The Washington Center offers several opportunities for governments to invest in their students, professionals and societies. Participants in these programs not only learn the way Washington, D.C., works from the inside, they also have the opportunity to interact with key decision makers in their individual fields of interest.


Undergraduate and graduate students can take part in a semester-long internship in Washington, D.C. The program is a rigorous blend of academics and work experience, and students may receive academic credit from their home institutions. The Washington Center establishes relationships with colleges and universities around the world to facilitate students’ participation in the program.

Academic Seminars

Each year, TWC hosts several academic seminars revolving around the inner workings of Washington or major issues being discussed on the world stage. Custom programming is also available for groups from around the world. TWC has conducted over 50 theme-specific seminars for over 1,000 government officials and professionals in the past 10 years. Past seminars have included topics such as health care reform, telecommunications, education system reform, how Washington, D.C., works, best business practices, and public policy in Washington D.C. All this was done in partnership with our international Government partners.

Customized Training Opportunities

Over the last several years TWC organized leadership training programs and sector-specific seminars for participants from more than 10 countries. Thirty-five years of experience managing long-term programs and short-term seminars has made TWC the ideal partner for academic and experiential learning programs.

TWC tailors its services and arrangements to fit the specific needs and ideas of each country. Please contact us to discuss what your interests and needs are. Together, we will design a tailored proposal that is right for you. To learn more, contact

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