The Washington Center Stands Apart

The Washington Center Stands Apart

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Since 1975, The Washington Center has distinguished its experiential education programs and seminars by instilling in our participants the three pillars upon which our institution was founded: civic engagement, professional development and leadership. These principles are incorporated in the pursuit of excellence in public service combined with academic and professional exposure and meaningful civic discourse.


The Washington Center is a unique and valuable partner for foreign governments, offering a rare opportunity for those governments to extend their reach into the capital of the United States of America. Participants come to understand how Washington works from the inside, learning directly from public policy makers, governors, members of Congress and leaders of the private, nongovernmental sector. Governments partner with TWC to train future leaders and to improve current leaders’ skills and understanding in areas of public service, best business practices and public policy design and reform.


TWC’s leadership in experiential education derives from its extensive network of alumni, affiliated colleges and universities, and partnerships with private, public and nonprofit organizations. This extraordinary learning opportunity has an impact on people across all sectors and levels of experience:


  • Civic, educational, and business professionals are enabled to help shape and influence the next generation of leaders.
  • Colleges and universities can extend their reach beyond their core programs and geography.
  • Professional organizations can connect with a new generation of talent.
  • Students have the chance to transform their careers and lives through a unique experience.
  • Alumni are able to collaborate with our various partners to help change the world.

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