Academic Credit Models

Academic Credit Models

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The Washington Center requires that each student earns academic credit. This credit is granted not by The Washington Center, but by the student's home institution. The Washington Center provides professional supervision and evaluation of the student's work (in the form of written evaluations and suggested grades), but the college or university retains full academic control. It determines which students may attend our program, and the types and amounts of credit—as well as the grades—they receive.


To enable student participation during the semester, an institution should put together a package of credits that will allow students to retain full-time status and thus receive full financial aid and other considerations.


  • Credit packages vary widely among affiliated institutions; two common ones are shown below.
  • Some institutions choose to fold credit granted for the internship, academic course and the LEAD Colloquium (or any combination of those three) into one large block.
  • Others institutions layer an additional requirement on top of those of The Washington Center (see models below).
  • Many affiliates also find it helpful to create a specific course or set of courses for which The Washington Center’s participants register.

Sample Semester Credit Packages
(others can be provided upon request)

Example 1 Example 2 (A Variant with Extra
  • Internship – 6-9 credit hours
  • Course - 3 credit hours
  • LEAD Colloquium/Portfolio - 3 credit hours
  • Total - 12-15 semester credit hours
  • Internship/LEAD Colloquium/Portfolio - 9 credit hours
  • Course - 3 credit hours
  • Journal or Research Paper - 3 credit hours
  • Total - 15 semester credit hours


Quarter and Summer Term credits can be adjusted accordingly. Usually they total at least 6 to 9 hours, sometimes 12.

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