Financial Assistance & Billing

Financial Assistance & Billing

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The Washington Center works hard to make its program affordable to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. For some students, the cost of participation is comparable to what they pay at their home institutions. For others, the cost is higher, but still within reach and reasonable for an experience of this type in the nation's capital.


The net cost will differ for each student and in many cases can only be determined once a student accepts an internship offer. Students should look into the aid for which they might be eligible, and explore having their need recalculated for the term they plan to be with us. More than 75 percent of our U.S. students receive some form of financial assistance, not counting their campus-based aid. To find out what assistance your students might qualify for, please review the scholarship information in the Internships section. You can also encourage students to fill out our Financial Aid Inquiry Form.


If your institution is to receive an invoice from The Washington Center for students’ program and/or housing fees, it will be sent to you as liaison or the billing contact on file shortly after the regular deadline date. Any financial assistance that your students receive from The Washington Center will be deducted from the invoice (for the program or housing fees, depending on the nature of the award). If your institution pays the invoice(s) but would like to have financial assistance provided directly to the student and not credited to the balance due, please let us know.


For questions regarding financial assistance and billing, please contact a member of Institutional Relations at or (800) 486-8921.

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