Application Approvals
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Washington, D.C. Academic Internship Program

Liaisons are central to the application process--you support and guide students and approve them for admission into the program. All prospective interns must secure the approval of their campus liaison before they will be admitted to the program. By approving applications, you are:


  • Verifying that the appropriate individual(s) on your campus have reviewed the application and endorse the student’s candidacy for The Washington Center Internship Program.
  • Certifying that the student will be receiving academic credit for the internship experience.
  • Certifying that you are serving as campus liaison for the student for the duration of the program.
  • Confirming that you (or the primary liaison) will receive all evaluations for the student.

In the online Washington Center application, students will select you as their liaison and be advised to consult with you before completing the application. The system will send you an email requesting your approval containing the student’s name, contact information and the term for which he or she is applying. The link in the email will allow for you to view the student's materials. To move the student forward in our admissions process, simply change the drop-down menu to "approved." You will be automatically notified by email when your student is accepted. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, typically within two weeks after all materials, including the liaison approval, are received.


Federal Diversity Internship Initiative

The application and acceptance processes are different for students applying to our Federal Diversity Internship Initiative. Students applying to only this initiative are asking to be considered solely for positions with selected federal agencies that provide full scholarships and stipends, and they do not wish to be considered for other internships. In most cases, students applying to these programs do not receive credit, and we will not request institutional approval.


Regardless of the semester or term for which federal applicants apply (and they may request to be considered across multiple terms), they are not accepted into The Washington Center until an internship offer is made and accepted by the student. In some cases, a student may not be accepted until after he or she passes a security clearance.


Academic Seminars

Students must also have liaison or sponsor approval to participate in an academic seminar. We do not require that students earn credit for participating in a seminar, but most institutions award credit for their students’ participation. You will be notified when a student is accepted.


Checking on Students’ Application Status

To check on a student’s application status, please contact:


Washington, D.C. Academic Internship Program:

Federal Diversity Internship Initiative:


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