Program Costs & Scholarships

Program Costs & Scholarships

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Finding Funding

Estimate Your Net Cost of Participation

Although TWC charges program and housing fees, the more relevant consideration is the total you will owe your institution and/or TWC. You may find that a semester or summer with TWC is comparable in cost to what you’d pay for the same term on campus.


Follow these steps to better understand how much it will cost for you to take advantage of The Washington Center experience:


  1. Confirm your institution’s financial arrangement by speaking with your campus liaison and/or by contacting TWC. Many affiliated institutions ensure that their students do not pay both tuition on campus and TWC fees, but arrangements vary at each institution.
  2. Explore whether your regular financial aid package can be applied toward TWC costs (or adjusted to account for any increased cost of attendance) and whether additional support is available at your college or university.
  3. Review TWC financial assistance available to U.S. Students or International Students. You may be eligible to receive financial support through a state grant. There are also private scholarships available for campus leaders, students from diverse backgrounds, members of honors societies and programs, students with disabilities, and more.
  4. Apply to the program. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis after the regular deadline for any given term. If you are selected, you will be notified by email.


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