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The Portfolio is a tool that many universities and graduate schools use to help students demonstrate what they have accomplished during the semester. The Portfolio helps students link classroom learning with their professional work at their internship. Your final portfolio will be sent to your college or university. Many students present their portfolios to potential future employers as documentation of their skills and abilities.


Goals of the Portfolio

  • To show growth and improvement personally, professionally, academically, and civically.
  • Sharpen leadership abilities.
  • Reflect on personally significant work or experiences.
  • Present a student’s best work in an organized format.

Components of the Portfolio

Each component is designed to document, analyze and reflect on the intern’s overall experience. Components include:

  • Individual Development Plan
  • Résumé/Cover Letter
  • Civic Engagement Project Report
  • Informational Interview Reflection
  • Public Policy Dialogues (letter to Congressional representative or subcommittee chair)
  • Special assignments related to your program area
  • Capstone Reflection
  • Work samples (from internship and academic course)

Additional Resources

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