The LEAD Colloquium
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Build Your Leadership Potential

The Washington Center produces not only future leaders in their career fields but also well-informed citizens who are engaged with their communities across the world. By taking part in the LEAD Colloquium (which was previously known as the Leadership Forum) every Friday, you get to hear from and engage with professionals in a variety of settings. You also get involved in the D.C. community and make a real difference. LEAD stands for Leadership, Engagement, Achievement and Development. Depending on the week, your syllabus will include:


LEAD Small Groups

You'll meet regularly with your LEAD instructor in a group of around 16 students to have discussions about critical reflection, leadership and other topics.

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Professional Tracks

Along with students who share your professional interests, you'll benefit from panel discussions, site visits and briefings that give you a uniquely D.C. experience.

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Speaker Series

During these events, you'll hear the perspectives and experiences of distinguished leaders from the business, nonprofit, media, government and diplomatic fields. Past conversations have focused on the role of the United States in the world, racial tension in America and the debate over gun control.

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Civic Engagement

You’ll explore topics of social concern, volunteer your time with an organization of your choice and participate in workshops on political and social engagement. Through TWC’s public policy dialogues, you’ll also interact with members of Congress, lobbyists or think tank leaders to understand how public policy works.

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Career Boot Camp

You'll prepare for the job search by learning, observing and applying strategies that will make you stand out as a candidate.

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Global Connections Forum (fall and spring only)

Along with students from many other countries, you'll enhance several cross-cultural skills that will arm you to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

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