Program Components

Program Components

: Frequently Asked Questions

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What does this program offer besides an internship?

Our program is a comprehensive academic internship experience. If accepted, you will be doing much more than interning during your time in Washington, D.C. The program components are as follows: a nearly full-time internship, an evening course, and the LEAD Colloquium. You would also compile a professional portfolio of assignments throughout the semester or term. Read more about the activities included in the program.


Where will I take classes, and who is teaching them?

Students take their courses in one of two locations – in classrooms located in the lower level of the Residential and Academic Facility or in the annex building of TWC’s headquarters. The instructors for these courses are associate faculty for TWC. They are most often professors at one of D.C.’s many universities or professionals in the fields associated with the courses being taught. A course guide with faculty biographies is available upon request. Contact


What is the LEAD Colloquium?

The LEAD Colloquium is a series of events, primarily taking place on Friday afternoons, which is meant to enhance the experience, both professionally and academically, for students during their time in D.C. LEAD stands for Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, and Development. Read more about the LEAD Colloquium.


What assignments would I be required to complete?

Students are required to complete two separate sets of assignments. First, you must submit any required assignments for your evening course to your professor. Then, under the guidance of your LEAD Instructor, you will complete a series of assignments, many of which will be included in your final portfolio. Check with your liaison to learn if your college or university requires any additional assignments beyond those collected by TWC (i.e. an independent study project, journal, etc.).

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