Costs & Scholarships

Costs & Scholarships

: Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does this program cost? Is there financial aid available?

The cost of the program really depends on the arrangements that we have with your institution. Our goal is to make the cost of the program, including the program and housing fees, as comparable as possible to the cost of attending your home institution for the same semester or summer term. In some cases, the total cost of TWC may be higher, but you may find that the experience is worth an additional investment. View TWC's program and housing fees. For further guidance, please contact your campus liaison, fill out our Financial Assistance Inquiry Form, or email


How much money will I need to bring along?

The amount of money required for any given term in Washington, D.C. will vary greatly from student to student depending on one’s lifestyle and habits. We generally suggest students to plan to spend about $150-$175 per week on living expenses, including food, transportation in D.C., entertainment, etc. We also encourage students to take advantage of the fully equipped kitchens in our housing facilities by grocery shopping and cooking for themselves, as this can considerably reduce the cost of living. Luckily, many activities in Washington (including touring the monuments, visiting Smithsonian museums, etc.) are free.


How do I apply for Washington Center scholarships?

The first step to applying for TWC scholarships is to review the descriptions and eligibility information on our website for each of the awards. When filling out your application, you should then mark interest in all awards for which you are interested in being considered. There is no separate application required for TWC scholarships, but certain awards may require you to send in supporting documents (for example, a copy of your membership certificate for an honors society). If you have any specific questions about our scholarships, please email


When will I be notified of whether or not I have been awarded any TWC scholarships?

Students who submit their applications by the priority deadline of the term for which they are applying will be included in the first round of considerations for financial assistance, which should take place within the month after the priority deadline. Students submitting their applications between the priority and regular deadlines will receive notification of financial assistance decisions on a rolling basis depending on how long it takes to receive their supporting documentation. If you have questions about the status of your application as it relates to financial assistance, please contact


When does The Washington Center send out invoices? For what fees will I receive an invoice?

The Washington Center will send out invoices approximately four to six weeks before the start of any given semester or term. The invoice will reflect the program and housing fees minus any scholarships that were awarded by The Washington Center. Depending on our arrangements with your institution, the invoice will be sent to your institution or directly to you. Please note that you may be required to cover the cost of tuition on campus in addition to TWC fees. Check with your liaison or email for guidance.


What should I do if my financial aid is going to be disbursed after the start of the semester?

You will be asked to complete a form known as the “Financial Aid Confirmation Agreement” in coordination with your institution’s financial aid office. Please contact us at to request this document.


Are students reimbursed for Metro fare to travel to their internship site, courses, or events like programming and civic engagement?

All students participating in our programs are responsible for all of their own travel expenses to and from Washington, D.C. and also to and from their internship sites and all TWC events while in D.C.


Will I receive a 1098-T form if I pay program fees directly to TWC?

TWC is not a college or university, and so you would not receive a 1098-T form for any fees paid to participate in our programs. Any 1098-T forms would come directly from your home institution.

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