GI Bill and Military-Related
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GI Bill and Military-Related

How can my GI Bill funding be applied for participation in the VET Initiative?

The GI Bill allows for the continuation of payment of benefits to the veteran as long as he or she is partaking in a program in which credit from the veteran’s university can be received in order to graduate. The following steps should be followed in order to verify, allowing at least a month for the verification process:

  • Students should first communicate with their academic unit (e.g. academic advisor or internship coordinator) to verify if internship credit is required or can be earned to receive credit in order to graduate.
  • If it is determined that a student might be approved to receive credit for completing the VET Initiative, the student should then follow her or his academic unit’s procedures for reviewing and approving the VET Initiative internship for academic credit. This may require providing information about the curriculum and/or overview for the internship, the evening course (for those who choose to enroll in one), and the Professional Advancement Colloquium. TWC can provide program information per your request by emailing
  • Once the student’s academic unit has approved the VET Initiative to receive academic credit towards graduation requirements, the student will need to meet with her or his university's veterans’ office to discuss the process to administer GI Bill funding for the VET Initiative. The student may need to meet with an official in the veterans’ office and/or the financial aid office for processing the sign-off on the approval form.
  • The student’s designated official will then send the approval form to the State Approving Agency (SAA). The SAA representative will make the final determination if the VET Initiative meets the necessary requirements for continuation of benefits. If approved, the SAA will send a notification to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for continuation of benefits.

Note: The above information meets the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs -- Veterans Benefits Administration’s criteria and policies for continuation of benefits.


How can I fulfill my mandatory drill and/or training obligations during the VET Initiative?

It is the participant’s responsibility prior to the VET Initiative to make the necessary arrangements with their Chain of Command in order to be excused from their monthly drill and/or annual training obligations. The participant can elect to either receive approval to be excused from their reserve duty obligation or can arrange to fulfill their reserve duty obligation with an alternate unit (e.g. Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve or Marine Corps Reserve) located within Washington, D.C., or nearby in Maryland and Virginia. The VET Initiative Manager can assist the participant in making these arrangements while still fulfilling VET Initiative requirements.


What if I need a valid security clearance for my internship?

The VET Initiative understands that one of the many benefits veterans can provide to an internship site is that you already possess a security clearance or can re-activate an inactive security clearance. Depending on the requirements of the internship, the VET Initiative Manger and the internship site supervisor will assist the student receive or re-activate their security clearance.

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