Program Outline
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Week 1 Programming

The first week focuses on the concept and role of civil society– providing a framework for understanding the impact of cross-sector collaborations and includes:


  • Understanding the Concept of Civil Society
  • Understanding the Relationship between Civil Society and its Stakeholders
  • Understanding the Role and Impact of Effective Communication in Civil Society
  • Understanding Civil Society Infrastructure and Resources

Weekend Leadership Retreat

The first week of learning is followed by a three-day weekend retreat engaging U.S. and Japanese students in small, international teams and includes:


  • Enhancing Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills through an outdoor adventure course with U.S. counterparts
  • Understanding Civil Society in Action
  • Enhancing Key Global Skills by collaborating on a civil society initiative or project that addresses a specific aspect of the ongoing challenges faced by residents of the Tohoku region

Week 2 Programming

The second week of programming focuses on learning lessons from organizations operating within the civil society framework and the value of global skills and includes:


  • Understanding Leadership Styles and the Importance of Global Skills and Networking
  • Strengthening Individual Leadership and Goal-Setting Skills
  • Understanding My Role as a TOMODACHI Generation Leader
  • Strengthening Public Speaking Skills

The final day of the program contains a presentation of each international team’s civil society projects in a session during USJI’s annual “USJI Week” to leverage the presence of Japanese university and business leaders convening in Washington, D.C.

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