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This track prepares students for a variety of careers related to communications. Students will have the chance to learn practical skills through the creation of an assortment of media projects. Through speakers, lectures and personal interviews, students have numerous opportunities to meet with leading practitioners and representatives of major firms in the fields of print and broadcast journalism, production, advertising, public relations, photography, graphic design, events management, social media or political communications.

Past Programming Activities

• Tour of CBS Newsroom
• Session on photojournalism (CNN)
• Visit to the Newseum
• Trip to Holocaust Museum for exhibit on Nazi propaganda
• Speaker on identifying communication styles
• Workshop on social media

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Student Testimonial

Trixie Van Acker

“The Media & Communications track provided me with the opportunity to meet with real professionals in their natural habitat…while at the same time it introduced me to what being a media professional is all about.”

-Trixie Van Acker, Intern with Keppler Speakers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Fall 2012

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