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This track prepares students for careers in law or law enforcement and exposes them to the many professional opportunities in these fields. Program participants will have the chance to learn more about the work being done by law enforcement agencies, government legal offices, private law firms and associations in a variety of practice areas—including criminal prosecution and defense, civil rights, consumer protection, family law and immigration. Students will gain insight into how the different branches of government enact, implement, and enforce laws while also having the opportunity to engage with professionals in their areas of interest. The Motorola Solutions Foundation provides scholarships for qualifying LCJ students.

Past Programming Activities

• Visit to the Crime and Punishment Museum
• Law school admissions workshop
• Briefing from FBI Chief of Financial Crimes (and TWC alumnus)
• Panel on terrorism and national security
• Speaker on prisoner rehabilitation
• Tour of Pentagon

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Student Testimonials

“I was able to learn more about the career path I wish to take, I gained insight from high-profile leaders about the world's most pressing issues, and I became a much more socially-aware citizen. Truthfully, the programming was just as vital for my personal and professional growth as my internship, volunteer experience, and my class.”

-Reginald Glosson, Intern with Offender Aid and Restoration, Dickinson College, Fall 2012

“My experience at TWC was amazing! It opened my eyes to so many wonderful opportunities and great experiences that I would have never had without applying into the Law and Criminal Justice track that TWC offers. You get to explore the great city of Washington D.C. and go sightseeing at all the different monuments. But also one of the best things is you get to make life-long memories and great friends as well.”

-Dustie Smith, Intern with U.S. Marshal's Service, University of Central Arkansas, Summer 2014

“Through The Washington Center’s wonderful programming events, classes, internships, and civic engagement opportunities, I have grown professionally, academically, and personally. I now have the skill sets to further my future career, and the knowledge to be a more active citizen in my community. The Washington Center allowed me to assess my strengths and weaknesses, and truly narrow down what it is I wish to do with my life. Before attending TWC, I had no concrete plans for my future. The Washington Center helped give my life direction, and now I get less anxiety when I think about my future.”

-Tash Wynter-Morgan, Intern with David for Ward 1 Schools, Temple University, Summer 2014

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