Lin-hsiu Huang

Intern at The Future of Privacy Forum
Lin-hsiu Huang headshot

Hometown: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Home University: Morehead State University
Major(s): BFA Art/Design, BS Mathematics
Internship Site: The Future of Privacy Forum

I was born and raised in Taiwan, and the beautiful island still has my heart. I am seeking a dual degree in BFA Art and Design and BS Mathematics at Morehead State University, tucked in the mysterious hills of Eastern Kentucky. I have lived in four cities, three states, and two countries within the past decade, and with learning to uproot myself continuously, art has always been something that I was able to take with me wherever I go. I hope to transcend the tranquility and beauty I derive from art to others by incorporating digital elements in this era of emerging technologies. Luckily, TWC offered themselves as the stepping stone for me to be interning at The Future of Privacy Forum, as their first in-house designer, where I will be able to combine my seemingly opposite interests: art & tech.

I am a passionate student, freelance artist, graphic designer, mentor, undergraduate research fellow, creator, and learner. I have presented social justice research and productions – documentaries and music videos – in a dozen conferences (e.g. Poster on the Hill, the Appalachian Studies Conference, the Southern Honors Council Regional Conference) and served as an artist for a non-profit, Give Her Life, for their “Because She Lives” art show in North Hollywood, California, along with other amazing and unforgettable opportunities. I am fond of carefully-designed typographic posters, cozy coffee or boba shops, and art galleries. You can find me museum hopping, thrifting, collecting postcards, or taking photos of different alleys and architectures of the city.

Home is where the heart is, and even though I think I left a piece of my heart everywhere as a wanderlusty soul, I feel at home, here in the District of Columbia, and I am thrilled to be a part of The Washington Center and the blogging team for the Spring 2018 semester.