D.C. Internship Program for Elon Students

Transform your major into an exciting career by participating in our Elon-vetted internship program in Washington, D.C.

We know this. You’ll never forget your years at Elon: your friends, favorite professors, late nights and all the things you learned. But to make it in today’s job market, a college degree simply isn’t enough. Employers expect a hands-on professional experience. And to be successful, you need to develop the knowledge and the skills that employers value and make connections with the right people in the right places. With our partnership with Elon, you can do all this in one summer or semester, alongside college students from around the world, while earning academic credit for the experience. 

Only one-third of students strongly agree that they will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the job market (34%) and workplace (36%). And just half (53%) believe their major will lead to a good job.

Strada-Gallup 2017 College Student Survey of more than 32,000 college students

A Career-Focused Experience

You can focus your summer or semester on developing a plan and a network for life after college and come back to campus with a better idea of what awaits you when you graduate. Hundreds of Elon students have participated in our program for the past 20 years and they are surprised to find out how much they gain in a few months and how great it is to call D.C. their home

What You'll Do

  • You'll work full time Monday through Thursday at an internship so you're on the job enough to do real meaningful work and feel like part of the team.
  • Once a week you’ll take an evening course which, in many cases, has a direct relationship to the work you're doing throughout the week and range from politics and business to international affairs and communications.
  • Fridays are for the LEAD Colloquium where you'll begin developing your professional identity and understand how to navigate the workplace as you get a feel for your career path. You’ll begin to identify and leverage your strengths and share what you experience at your internship.
  • There are also larger group activities, tours and site visits where you'll hear some great speakers and build your professional network.

Dates & Deadlines

You must apply by the Study USA deadline of March 13, 2019 for both the Summer and Fall 2019 programs.

  Check-In Internship Period Check-Out
Summer 2019 June 2 June 4 – August 8 August 10
Fall 2019 August 28 September 3 – December 5 December 7


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Academic Credit for Elon Students

You're eligible to receive the following academic credit for your participation in our Academic Internship Program:

  • Fall/Spring Semester: 16 total (12 for the internship and 4 for the course)
  • Summer: 12 total (8 for the internship and 4 for the course)

Credit will be granted directly by Elon for your participation in the program (TWC does not grant credit).

Program Cost

You’ll register for credit on campus and pay your Elon tuition, just like you would during any other term. Costs may vary depending on your current student status. For details on your specific financial arrangements, please contact the TWC Liaison on campus, Victoria Lo (vlo@elon.edu) in addition to the Financial Aid Office.

The cost of the program includes Elon tuition, programming, and housing. Transportation and food costs are NOT included. For the Summer full program cost information, please refer to the Elon budget sheet, which can be found here

Scholarships/Travel Grants

GEC Access Scholarships are designed to help provide access for all undergraduate students to participate in an Elon-approved Global Engagement (study abroad or Study USA) program. The application for a GEC Access Scholarship is a questionnaire embedded in the outgoing program application--there is no external application. Please see the GEC Access Scholarship brochure for information on eligibility, conditions, and notification. 

For additional information on scholarships or other funding for global engagement, see the Financial Planning for Global Study page.

Students can apply for summer financial aid through Elon University in person in the Office of Financial Planning in the spring semester. Summer financial aid applications are due May 1.

If you qualify for a travel grant through any of the fellows or scholars programs, see the appropriate program director for more information on how to apply the grant to your global engagement program. Visit the Deadlines and Events Calendar for travel grant deadlines.

How to Apply

Elon students are required to apply through the Study USA website first and when approved by Elon, you will be asked to fill out the TWC application. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to ensure you have a broader selection of internships and course offerings. 

Apply Today

Please note that there is a $60 TWC application fee. Use promo code ELON60 to waive the application fee.


We are always available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Sam Fansler at 202.238.7923. If you have specific questions about your credit or financial arrangements, you can contact Elon's Assistant Director of Study USA, Victoria Lo at 336.278.6700 or vlo@elon.edu.  

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