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: Disability Services

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Every qualified student with a disability has the following rights:

  • Equal access to programs, services, activities, and facilities available through The Washington Center.
  • Reasonable and effective accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids as determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Appropriate confidentiality regarding information pertaining to disability, including disclosure, except as required by law

Every student with a disability has the responsibility to:

  • Meet The Washington Center's qualifications, including essential technical, academic, and institutional standards.
  • Self-identify as an individual with a disability and request reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.
  • Provide documentation from an appropriate professional source (rehabilitation counselor, disability office at home institution, doctor treating the particular disability) verifying the nature of the disability and any needed accommodations.

The Washington Center's role is to:

  • Select from among equally effective/appropriate accommodations, adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids in consultation with the participant.
  • Assist in coordinating any changes or alterations of courses, internships, or other program components and needed.
  • Assist students in learning about and utilizing self-advocacy techniques, as well as understanding rights for people with disabilities in the workplace.

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