International Students
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Students from all around the world are welcome at The Washington Center. As a student coming from outside the United States, there are some key things to remember and accomplish as soon as possible. This section details those things and includes helpful tips for living in a new country. If you have any questions along the way, please contact


Visa RequirementsLearn about the J-1 visa, how to obtain a J-1 visa stamp on your passport, travelling with your J-1 visa, and special provisions for Canadian students.
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Health InsuranceAll international students are required to have health insurance. Read about your health insurance options. 
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Living in the U.S.Find out how to open a bank account in the U.S., getting a mobile phone or line, transportation, social security information, weather information, department stores, newspapers/D.C. news, and estimated expenses. 
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Experience a Day in the Life of an Intern at The Washington Center

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