No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

I am a firm believer in the old saying “Home is where your heart is." This past weekend, I was able to truly appreciate this phrase when I traveled back to Maine for the weekend to visit my family.


Though I have had the time of my life in Washington D.C., it was wonderful to take a break from the fast pace of the city and enjoy some quality time with my parents and sisters. As I enjoyed the beauty and serenity of coastal Maine, I had the chance to take my time and reflect on where my heart really was.



My experience in Washington D.C. has been a whirlwind. It has been exciting, fun, and challenging. As a result of my time at The Washington Center, I have been opened up to a world of possibilities that I simply didn't know existed before I came here. Though this can be a daunting at times, I've never felt more encouraged and inspired to keep exploring. The return trip home for the weekend was an important part of me realizing this. With the support of my family and the environment of opportunity fostered by The Washington Center, I have been emboldened in my pursuit of professional success, fulfillment, and happiness.



Home means more than simply comfort. It is the place and people that inspire you. While I pondered this definition, it stuck me that what I consider home has grown to include Washington D.C. and the incredible people I have met during this journey. Whether I am in Maine, D.C., or anywhere else in the world, I know that I have a strong network of support that The Washington Center has significantly contributed to. When it comes to finding my way home, family and friends are everything.



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