To My Dear Roommates

To My Dear Roommates

This week is going to be amazing, because there’s a very special visitor in town: my mom! I was really looking forward to seeing her since I had never been so far away from her before. Now that she’s here, I am obviously very happy to see her, but also at the same time I realized that I hadn’t missed her that much (sorry mommy L).


While feeling bad about it, I started thinking and realized that the reason I don’t miss her that much (again sorry mommy L), definitely has a lot to do with the fact that I am surrounded by people who I have grown to love so much: my roommates. So, there you have it. This week’s blog post is about how much I love my roomies (enjoy this love letter girls, this won’t be happening every week).


From left to right: Betsy, Brooke, Hélène and Blythe


My roommates and I got along right away. I know it’s a cliché, but I knew that I would love them the moment I met them, which is strange because we are so very different. Not only do we study completely different things, we are also from all over the place. Brooke is from New York, Blythe is from Louisiana, Betsy is from California and, as you already know, I am from Belgium. What I love is that I technically live with three Americans, but their lives back home are really different from each other, which makes it interesting to learn about their hometowns. Also, I am expecting an invitation to each of their houses, so that’s cool too (kind of makes me wish I had a roommate from Hawaii now... oh well...).


Although we are really different, we matched perfectly, which is probably why we do almost everything together. Since the beginning of our time with TWC, we have been pretty good at finding fun ways to entertain ourselves. We have taken random trips using dice to explore D.C., we pulled off a couple of very successful practical jokes on each other, we got a pet plant named Gary, we have turned our apartment into a Christmas fairyland, we have had multiple cooking evenings (mostly involving chicken and/or some type of Alfredo sauce), we went to an amusement park, we had brunch followed by a visit to a thrift shop every Sunday, we celebrated a birthday (Blythe turned 20!!), we got a piano, we visited the monuments multiple times, we went to a couple of festivals and many many other things.

In order to keep up with our plans and keep track of what we do, we put up a calendar on the fridge. We also use Post-it notes to write down fun possible activities that are taking place that week/month. This week for instance, we have the D.C. High Heel Drag Queen Race on Tuesday. We also have an Out of the Darkness Walk to raise awareness around suicide prevention, organized by Blythe’s internship site, in case you are interested. Optional activities for this week are: go to the movie theater on Wednesday and lip sync battle on Thursday. Even though we don’t follow everything that is written on the calendar (which is honestly almost always the case with planners), creating this communal calendar was already a fun activity in itself, and made us feel closer as roommates.


I can truly say that I have been blessed with my American roomies and I wouldn’t want to trade them for anything (except for someone from Hawaii. Anyone?? Just kidding girls…). If my roomies are reading this right now: empty the dishwasher. Just kidding, what I really want you to know is that you girls are hilarious and the three of you are what makes going back to the RAF every day feel like coming home.


I wave you goodbye,


Ps. I love you mommy, and I do miss you (just not a lot)


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