Goodbye, D.C.!

Goodbye, D.C.!

I am writing this blog post as I am sitting on a Southwest Airlines flight from Washington, D.C. to Saint Louis, eating salted peanuts and reflecting on my summer in D.C. I can't believe that this summer is over and that a week from now I will be sitting in class on my first day of Senior Year at Truman State University.  Last night, as I was packing up my things, Kexin and I talked about all of the cool things that we got to do this summer. Here are some of the highlights:

- My internship at the Maryland Women's Business Center. My supervisors and coworkers were welcoming and great to work with. I learned a lot about working in a professional setting, about marketing, job searching, networking and professional development. I loved my internship and whoever is their next TWC intern is very lucky and will learn a lot. I was sad to go!


-Celebrating Fourth of July on the Mall.


- Taking advantage of all of the free things that are available in D.C., like museums, free outdoor movies and monuments. One of the last things that I did on Monday, my day off of work, was visit the Air and Space Museum. I was hesitant about visiting this museum because I'm not interested in aerospace unless I'm about to jet off to a relaxing vacation, but a lot of D.C. natives told me that this museum was worth visiting, so I spent the afternoon there. Everyone who praised this museum was right to do so, and I wish I had gone earlier on in the summer. If you are planning on visiting this museum, be sure to go earlier in the day (and I'm going to guess that earlier in the summer would be better too), by the time I got there it was so crowded that I thought I was at Disney World during peak tourist season.

- Kayaking on the Potomac near Georgetown. This had to be one of the coolest things that I have ever done.


- Riding a bike around the monuments. D.C. has a bike rental program called Capitol Bikeshare. Essentially, there are these bike docking stations around the city where you can rent bikes and return them at any station throughout the area. One of the docking stations in near the NoMa metro station, so I rented a bike there and rode it to Lincoln Monument, where I returned it and walked around the monuments for a little while before riding the bike back to the RAF.




- Tutoring ESL at the Ethiopian Community Center. I already raved about this experience in my last blog post, but it was I one of my highlights of the summer.

- All of the great people that I met. I had a great time living with, hanging out with and getting to know my roommates. They always made me smile and this summer wouldn't have been as fun without them.


-Meeting Roy Blunt, my state senator, with other Missouri TWC students.



For me, it's back to the books, but we'll see what sort of adventure life brings me next! I know that I will be back to D.C. someday, so until then I'll look back on this summer with great memories!

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