The End Is Nigh, Let's Pack It Up!

The End Is Nigh, Let's Pack It Up!

The time has come. It’s the last week of fall semester at The Washington Center and maybe you’re looking around your room, dismayed at the myriad of items you must lug back with you to your home state. What to do with the bedspread and sheets? What to do with toilet paper and paper towels yet to be used?


In my case, it’s Michigan. I did not have fortunate privilege of living within driving distance of Washington D.C. I came by plane, which means anything larger than a quick fold and a shove cannot come with me. So I started thinking of tips that I could share and (hopefully) I could follow:


1) Try Not To Spend Too Much While You Are Here:

You are only participating in the program for a total of little over three months.  Try to control your Amazon impulses. Outside of groceries, everything you collect will mostly stay put…until you have no choice but to leave. Everything adds up, folks, so save your pennies and save the space!


2) Consider What You Can Mail Away:

If you plan to splurge here and there during your stay at TWC, consider mailing some of your belongings home ahead of time.  Definitely consider this if you are flying home!  With this in mind, you may not have to throw everything away.




3) Don’t Forget About Donations:

The last week of TWC begins tomorrow and there are elevator flyers inviting me to donate (non-perishable) food and possibly clothes. If it happens for me, it will happen for you. Don’t know what to do with that stubborn can of cubed tomatoes? Don’t know what to what to do with those spices and whatnot? Do not fear, donation opportunities are here!


4) Start Early:

It’s pretty simple. Don’t procrastinate. Just don’t.


Welp, I hate to end the post but I have to get back to my frantic packing. Later gators!

Disclaimer: The author of this article may/may not have followed her own advice on these matters.

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