Now Its Time to Say Goodbye...

Now Its Time to Say Goodbye...

Our time in London has come to an end and there is so much from this experience I get to take home with me.  An internship opportunity that expanded my professional skills, a great set of friends and memories of a lifetime are now a part of who I am.  It's been a great few months and I am so sad to see it come to an end.


From my internship, I have added a couple of great new bullet points to my resume.  Social media management for a nonprofit organization, project coordination, research facilitation, and published interviewing just to name a few.  I have made connections with a great group of people that I will carry with me for a lifetime in this position.  And, I have learned more in three months about myself as a worker and the passion I have for my purpose in life than I have learned in my entire professional career.  It feels great!  I'm going to miss my British family.  Thank you to modern technology, they are only a few keystrokes and a "tweet" button away.


To my Washington Center classmates and new friends, thank you for a wonderful semester.  We have had some great times.  Scotland, Riverboat Tour to Greenwich, Bath, all the festivals and great food!!!!  We had a blast together and I truly feel as though I have connected with a great group of people.  London was a great time and you all helped make it home - away from home.  I can't wait to see you all on the next one.


For the rest of the world, I hope that you have found something throughout these blog posts to help you determine that the TWC program abroad is for you.  Whether it be London or Sydney, you will have a life transforming experience in how you work, how you love and how you live.  Best of luck to you in whatever choices you make.


Yours Truly,


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