Make Your Internship an Opportunity

Make Your Internship an Opportunity

Promise me something; when you accept your internship, make the absolute most of it.  This is the connection of a lifetime and could be the experience you need to jumpstart your career.  Not only have I developed a very positive relationship with my supervisor and colleagues, I have realized that many of the individuals I have met during the semester have also become significant connections for future projects.  We often speak of internship sites that do not necessarily provide a meaningful experience for interns.  However, we have to also recognize that as interns there is plenty we can do to add to that experience - aside from just doing a good job with the responsibilities you are given.  Be an innovator.  Initiate creativity.  Take initiative on various tasks.  In short, stand out among your colleagues.  Make sure you are a name they will remember when you leave.


As I prepare to leave for the semester, my internship site has already begun to speak of continuing specific projects into the coming year.  Unfortunately, no, I am not staying.  However, I will be able to finally add that "completed product" for special projects to my resume.  Just as a bit of encouragement, I will be returning to London to present a research paper and facilitate an expert panel for a symposium that the organization intends to host in the Spring. (Maybe I will get the chance to tackle a few of those sites I missed out on when I return.)  In addition, a larger phase of the project is set to execute later in the year to which could be a possible flight to South Africa! I can't wait!!!  It truly is an honor just to hear my supervisor speak of wanting me to help him complete a project that I was a significant part of.  Now, this isn't to toot my own horn.  But, it is okay to be proud of the work I set forth - especially since that work is translating into more connections, larger range of work experience and his faith in my ability to be a part of his "expert" team.  I love that word!


Anyhow, as my one piece of advice, do not take this opportunity for granted.  This will not be an internship that you can ever forget, nor will you regret.  Fall in love with what it is you are doing and in spite of the plans others may have for you, make this internship an opportunity.  It will definitely pay off.  And in an ever growing global society, just think about how 3 months in London will look on your revised resume.


Make it count!

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