Bath, England

Bath, England

In the past few weeks I have done a ton of traveling and city exploration.  It is only fair that I share some of this fun with you.  One thing you learn very quickly in the United Kingdom is that they are very much aware of their historical existence.  I mentioned in a previous post about visiting Bath, England so I decided to bring the focus in on a little of that experience.


Bath is really a gorgeous city with a serious mentality about preserving its history.  I don't think I saw one modern building among the history of Roman and Georgian architecture.  It was simply amazing.  In London, it is easy to get confused in the combination of old and new throughout the city's development.  Bath provided the expectation of English history that we had hoped for when we first arrived to the island.


First View of the City


The picture above was my first real view of the city within minutes of getting off the train.  This is when I knew that I was entering a city with a lot of rich history and culture.  The picture below is a nearby park - beautifully manicured and a small tribute to the "British Love" of Will and Kate.

Garden City View


Will & Kate - Tribute to Love


Bath is known for the Roman baths discovered in the 11th Century.  There are 3 hot springs that naturally flow into the city.  In a time when medicine was not as it is today, these baths were used as a source for healing.  I'm sure they benefited from the external cleansing effects as well.  These three baths include The Cross Bath and The Royal Bath (which are still used today) and the King's Bath.  The King's Bath is not used today, but I did get to take a look at it.  Water level is not as high as it once was and surely not purified and cleaned the way the others are.


The Royal Bath (which is directly connected to the new Thermae Spa). I am definitely going back to get a treatment.  The stone walls surround the spring.  These are the original walls built to protect the springs.

Royal Bath


The Cross Bath.  The banner at the top says 1174, celebrating 800 years! That is a long time.


Cross Bath


Another interesting view of the city included the East Gate (Below.)  It is the only visible gate left from the original city.  As you can tell, we are standing above the gate.  This is because in the more recent developments of the 16th and 17th centuries, they began to build the city at its current level above the river crest.  This is because the entire city would flood when the river overflowed making it impossible to do....well....anything.  It is the only gate remaining from the original city.


East Gate


The springs and the Bath Abbey all connect in a square (The Abbey Yard) where tourists pretty much flooded the entire area the whole time we were there.  Interestingly, though, we were able to have a rare opportunity to hear these men play an instrument that can only be found in Scotland - manufactured by one couple.  It is a metal top and bottom drum that is hammered in the right spots with a hammer.  Thats it.  The music was actually really nice that we bought their CD.  GREAT music for studying!  But I do challenge pop culture to add these to the next big hits.  What was interesting is that we were graced with entertainment in the yard every time we passed through. Singers, instrumentalists, magicians and a mime!  They, however, appeared to be everyone's favorite.


Abbey Yard - On the Square


And of course there is the Bath Abbey. As a nation that is seriously tied to its religious history, the Abbey in Bath is just as symbolic as the Westminster Abbey is to Londoners.  It is symbolism that represents their faith and their connection to iconic Britain/Royalty all in one.


Bath Abbey - Side View


Amy Teres Alex

Don't you just love these beautiful ladies?  This was truly a great trip.  A nice time of great laughs, good shopping deals, and an introduction to history and culture.  I loved this city!!!!


Here are just a few more shots of some of the things we saw.....


Abbey - Front ViewThe Abbey without our beautiful faces :-)

The Royal Crescent The Royal Crescent.The Royal Theatre The Royal Theatre (Official Royal Seal)

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