Walking the City

Walking the City

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the delay in posting, I have been sick and stuck in my apartment, which hasn't given me too much to share with you all! I'm finally starting to feel a little better and I've been able to get out and wander the city more.


One of the best things about this city is that it is filled with different areas to explore and each area is filled with it's own events and highlights. This past week (and throughout my time here) I have spent a lot of time on the National Mall and Capitol Hill, in Georgetown, and in Chinatown and I am just begining to branch out into some of the other areas.


Luckily, my office is just a couple of blocks away from the National Mall and I can cut right through to get to Chinatown for a less expensive Metro ride. A lot of interns' offices are close to downtown, either off the Farragut North or Metro Center stops, and if this is the case they have their pick of lunch stops including bringing a paperbag lunch and sprawling out on the grass with the Capitol on one side and the Washington Monument on the other. Every time I walk through the Mall I think about how crazy it is that I am here in D.C., I wonder if that feeling will fade within the next few weeks. For now I will keep wondering if any of the fancy, tinted-window cars are carrying Michelle Obama or Joe Biden.


This is the walk through the Mall, with the Washington Monument and Capitol on either side. D.C. is so pretty in the fall.


I was surprised by how few tourists I've seen here so far, I expected to run into so many more lost families searching for the White House but I haven't noticed too many. There are the tour groups around the memorials, but it isn't too bad. Of course, I still am lost a bit of the time, too so I probably am blending right in with the tourists. That being said, if you haven't been here before you should definitely get a MapEasy Guidemap to D.C., it is amazing. It lists all of the museums, restaurants, and shops in downtown D.C., Dupont Circle, and Georgetown. I know it seems like such a small thing, but it really does help me.


Another place I checked out the other day was Eastern Market. It's a farmers market in a quiet part of the city not too far from Capitol Hill that is filled with different vendors and has entertainment on the weekends. I went on a Friday evening, so it wasn't quite so crazy, but I picked up some fresh vegetables and amazing cinnamon coffee cake. I would definitely reccommend making the stop while you are here (but do go on a Saturday- there is much more to see!).


The Market! (The South Hall)


Inside the market!


The area around Eastern Market is also really friendly, with a few cafes and cute shops. My favorite was the little used bookstore that was absolutely packed with affordable books: Capitol Hill Books. It is definitely worth stopping in.



I also got a chance to check out the National Zoo! It is a Smithsonian which means it was free to get in, which is great for my limited budget. It was a great Zoo, with pandas, gorillas, elephants, and plenty more. I won't talk too much about it since I know my fellow blogger Jessica just wrote all about it (check it out!) but I'll put up my favorite picture of the gorilla and one of me with my friend Britni!




Again- feel free to leave comments. I'm more than happy to respond!


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