Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

I can't believe it is November already! We have less than one month left here in D.C. and so much left to do and explore, I can't even imagine how I will fit it all in. I am begining to piece together my final portfolio (the main project for TWC) and I have to say I think it really will be a great summary of my experiences here, even if it is a lot of work. This week is the Thanksgiving break, and I will be heading to West Virginia to spend some time with my brother and sister and their families but before then I thought I would share with you all some of the pre-Thanksgiving parties we have been having!


Last week my friend/fellow intern and coworker Amelia threw an early Thanksgiving potluck! She made the gorgeous turkey and everyone contributed a dish. I was really impressed by everyone's cooking skills. A few of the guests were international students and hadn't experienced a real Thanksgiving before so we made sure to do some traditional giving thanks by going around the table and sharing what we were thankful for about the person sitting to our left.


This was just some of the food people contributed. There was also homemade butterbeer and cider!

The dessert table (I contributed the rice krispie bars, with some help from my friend Britni)


Most of us sitting around our makeshift Thanksgiving table!


We also had a pre-Thanksgiving event at work, which was amazing. Our office is really diverse so we decided to have a Diversity Day Potluck. Everyone made a dish that is traditional for their ethnicity. There were so many different foods that I had never even heard of. There was homemade braided egg bread, curried vegetables and sweet potatoes, delicious italian soup, and tons of other delicious options.


So much food!



I made puppy chow, which although it doesn't sound great, is actually delicious. My family doesn't have too many particularly ethnic dishes that we regularly cook, and I am on a limited budget, so I picked and simple but fabulous dessert. Puppy chow, for those of you who are concerned by the name, consists of Chex cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter, and butter, and a little vanilla all mixed together then covered in powdered sugar. I love it.


I have also been doing plenty of work lately, too. I have done 3 more informational interviews, and I spent today working on portfolio assignments. But Thanksgiving always makes whatever assignments and studying I have seem a little less stressful. I know I will manage to get everything done somehow, and pretty soon I will be blogging all about Christmas and Secret Santa parties (we are planning a tacky Christmas sweater party actually) and we will be headed home for winter break. As excited as I am, I know I'm going to miss D.C. and all of the wonderful people I have met here.


Now it's time to track down "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and convince my roommates to watch it with me. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

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