Midterm and Alexandria!

Midterm and Alexandria!

We are a little over halfway through the semester here in D.C., and this seems to be about the time everyone is getting stressed about how much work we have left to get done. Due dates for our Civic Engagement projects and Portfolios are getting closer, and I'm feeling a little frantic. I will start my volunteer hours at the Washington Animal Rescue League this week and I also have my meeting with my representative (this is something every intern at TWC gets to do). I also have a couple of informational interviews set for this week. I'm excited to report back to all of you about those. The interviews are another assignment from TWC to find and speak with someone who works in a job you might like to work in. It is a great way to network and learn how to get into the industry. And work is of course getting busier. Now that I have settled into my internship I seem to be handling more projects and following along much easier in the meetings, which is a great feeling even if it is a bit of work. I am one of the lucky interns who really loves their internship and wants to work in a similar office, though from all I've heard every intern learns something and gains insight from their placement here in D.C.


But, of course, even with all of the work and craziness, there is still time to explore the city and have some fun! The leaves are all different colors here and last night was the first snowfall of the season! My roommate and I decided to spend the day wrapped up in our beds hiding from the cold and the snow/rain but today we ventured out to Eastern Market! I did talk about Eastern Market in an older post, but I just wanted to add a couple of pictures. The walk from the RAF to Eastern Market was beautiful, with old fancy row houses mixed with fancy government buildings. It would have been a really short walk if we hadn't gotten lost. Luckily it was perfect out. Sunday is definitely the day to go to the market, there are tons of food tents and a flea market!



Eastern Market on a Sunday!


Me and my friend Becky at the market!


I also went to Alexandria last week with my parents who were visiting. I know one of the other bloggers talked a little about Alexandria, but I thought I would add my own perspective. Alexandria is metro accessible, but it is a great escape from the city. It is an old town with tons of charming shops and friendly restaurants. It is right on the water and is very relaxing.



view of the main road with the water behind us


This is the restaurant we went to for lunch. It was an amazing building with so many different rooms. It looked like it might have been an old church! And the fries were delicious.


Beautiful bike path into the town.


This man was playing the Star Wars song on water glasses. It was amazing.


I would definitely suggest visiting Alexandria at some point during your time here. It is charming and a very different atmosphere from downtown DC.


The last thing I want to share with you all is the DC Drag Queen Race in Georgetown, which takes place every year on the Tuesday before Halloween. It was just as fabulous as it sounds. Everyone began showing up in the early evening but the actual race took off at 9. Tons of Queens in full costume strutted through Georgetown in full costume and eventually took off for the actual race (some in impressively tall heels)! What a great way to start off Halloween weekend.


This is a video of the actual race. It was shot and edited by Ilse (one of my amazing roommates). The costumes were so creative!


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