"We're on T.V.???"

"We're on T.V.???"

Today Show

Click here for your laugh of the week.  Marissa and I remained determined to go to the Today Show while in New York last week.  We are the ones to the right of Maya Rudolph, but wait until the camera zooms in on Maya, then we are in the peep hole by her right cheek.  Marissa has a yellow "I Love Wisconsin" sign and I am representing the Ohio State Buckeyes with a red beanie-type hat.  Rolling on two hours of sleep and arriving at Rockefeller Plaza at 6:30am Friday, December 2nd, this moment makes the Top 10 List of Best Memories!




Betcha feel like you are standing right at Times Square with me!


At our internship, we had been working non-stop to prepare for the scholarship dinner that took place last week in the Big Apple.  Successfully complete.  Eventful live band playing Latino music for the dance afterwards as well to wrap up the night.



Sharral, the gal on the right in the picture above, graduates with a Masters in Public Health this Saturday.  She left for home this morning.  Marissa and I miss her dearly already!


U.S. Green Building Council

Such a cool place to tour.  Everything this place does is so innovative and energy efficient.  It is incredible.  This is the group that certifies a building as "LEED" (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  Back on my college's campus, we actually do have a LEED certified Welcome Center.

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Since this building utilizes all resources possible, this wood is from a sunken ship at the bottom of the Tennessee River.  Wish the image showed how beautiful and smooth it is.  Our tour guide stressed about the wood being completely natural...never sanded, polished, or anything.


What is left to do?

Commencement is on Monday.

Touring the Pentagon sometime next week.

Planning to ice skate near The Hill.

Eating at Comet Ping Pong Pizza (it was on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives"!).

Christmas shopping (maybe...I prefer to wait until the last minute personally...)

And...going to bake a few more surprises for my roommates...mmmm, though we are all more than ready for home-cooking.


Until next time...do something "green" in honor of the U.S. Green Building Council!

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