You guessed it.  Barbershops can also be referred to as Tonsorial Shops.  In the Andy Griffith Show, Floyd is Mayberry's barber and his shop is referred to as a Tonsorial Shop on different occasions.  You learned something new today!  Valuable education.


Hair Cut

I have been putting it off for too long.  I did some researching through to help me find a reasonable place.  That website has assisted me a number of times while being here.  Diego's Hair Salon near Dupont Circle stood out.  I wanted to go somewhere for a unique experience.  Unique it was.  Diego is Italian and so are many of his employees.  It's such a fun and relaxing atmosphere with the barbershop layout, Italian music, and Italian chattering.  Pictures of Italy line the walls along with a number of photoggraphs of famous people who have had their hair cut by Diego.  They were swamped busy even with eight stylists snipping away.  I hopped in a chair pretty fast.  No appointment needed.  Cash only.  And don't worry, they speak English very well too.  Price ranges from $20-$30.  I'm very pleased.  I plan to let Iole (pronounced Yo-Le) work her magic again on my short, thick curls before I return home.




We are working heavily on our California and New York Scholarship Dinners coming up in mid-November (CA) and December 1st (NY).  Trying to settle on Honorary Dinner Committee members.  Still looking for a few more sponsorships as well.  I helped narrow down the applicants for California's scholarship award.  Tough calls.  Lots of deserving medical degree pursuers.  I have applied for numerous scholarships in my time.  I wouldn't want to be on those committees trying to determine who is more deserving.


STEM Project

This is one of the projects we must complete for our program.  We must identify a current STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topic with an unsolved problem.  I'm looking into food science--fast food and obesity correlations.  This has always been one of my highest concerns so I have plenty of recommendations to make for helping to "solve" the problem, or at least constrict and lessen it.


Laughs of the Day

Have you ever seen..?


And Aglaee is ready for Santa and we haven't even seen the Halloween Witch yet...


Until next time...I'm going to flip our TV station to catch a few laughs from Andy, Barney, Opie, and Floyd on the Andy Griffith Show!

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