Word in Washington...

Tintinnabulate:  the sound of ringing bells


Last week as I watched the Marine Corps Marathon, boy, I got antsy.  As an amateur jogger/runner/racer, witnessing passionate athletes cringe as they pour out every last ounce of themselves makes me want to emulate them.  It's inspiring for me; for others, it may not be so much.  Participating in a race is on my Washington Bucket List.  I officially registered for one this week.  Just 33 days until the Jingle All the Way 8K!  I've raced in numerous 5Ks and have been waiting on the perfect time to get into a 10K.  This 8K race is just right.  Baby steps.  Marissa, my co-worker (also an intern with TWC), recruited me and I hope to encourage some others.  December 11th is our last Sunday here in the city.  There is no better way to end with a bang on the last weekend.  Still not sold on it?  Maybe this will help:  the racing bag we receive on race day includes jingle bells to tie to our shoes!  YEAH.  The Word in Washington, tintinnabulate, is just another word for jingle.  Marissa and I will be tintinnabulating down Pennsylvania Avenue on December 11th at 9:00am!  FYI:  It's much easier to say (and type) jingling rather than tintinnabulating.



or "Training"...

Eight kilometers is equivalent to 4.9 miles.  Thankfully I've been keeping up with cardio exercising.  I do want to improve my times.  My goal is 42 minutes.  That's pushing it for this body.  Flat course - Advantage.  December's unpredictable weather - Disadvantage.


With the time change, I'm at work during our minimal daylight hours and won't have many opportunities to train outside except for the weekends.  Below is the tool catching my sweat drops.


Here are few more angles of the fitness facility...


National Institutes of Health

NIH is located in Bethesda, Maryland.  Our program advisor scheduled a tour there for us this past week.  Another highlighting experience.  NIH funds and conducts medical research throughout the U.S. and around the world.  It trains scientists for tomorrow and provides health and science information to the public.  NIH is referred to as a "campus".  It covers a chunk of land with 67 buildings.  Among those buildings are 38 institutes, centers, and offices.  A few examples:  National Institute on Aging, Center for Scientific Review, and Office of Diertary Supplements.


Just a sense of the size... There's even a shuttle system.  In the forefront of this picture is the Clinical Center, which is America's clinical research hospital.

Living for the "Green Sticker" at the RAF

In an effort to reduce waste and encourage energy conscious living, an electricity consumption competition is being held throughout the RAF.  Apartments are ranked on bi-weekly data and corresponding stickers will be placed by your apartment door to indicate your status.


Green Sticker = Least Energy Intensive
Blue Sticker = Moderately Low Energy Intensive
Yellow Sticker = Moderately High Energy Intensive
Red Sticker = Most Energy Intensive


Our apartment must be in a "slump".  Our first sticker was Blue.  Our second was Green.  The most recent sticker is Blue.  No worries; we will step our game up.  The Top Ten least energy intensive apartments have a chance at Harris Teeter gift cards.  Now it's serious business.  Bring it on!

Laugh of the Week

Until next time...do not think about tintinnabulating until we have counted our blessings on November 24th.

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