I'm reaching the


of this experience in many forms...


[ Pinnacle: highest point; top; peak ]



The picture above was snapped as I was on my way up to the Arlington House at the Arlington Cemetary.  Almost to the top.  It is an upper leg work-out.  Notice the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol off in the distance.


Reaching for the Pinnacle...My final class project and my TWC program portfolio are due next Monday, December 5th.  Again, almost to the top.  Once those are turned in, I will just be coasting downhill until TWC's commencement on December 12th.


NYC Bound!

All of us at work leave for New York on Wednesday!  The Big Apple will have our presence until Sunday afternoon.  The itinerary is set...and subject to change of course.  Looking forward to being at the TOP of the Empire State Building!




The pictures above and below sent my sweet tooth taste buds over-the-top.  The pink box, sealed with Rudolph himself, holds a Lemon Blossom cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake.  For my "Small Business Saturday" purchase, I chose to support this sweet spot.  Of course I had a cup of coffee to perfect the moment.


The All-In-One treat below is my baking at its best for Thanksgiving dessert.  The bottom layer is pressed cookie dough.  The second layer holds half-vanilla/half-chocolate Oreos.  A brownie batter mix is poured over to top it all off.  Is this Food Network worthy, you think maybe?!




Reaching for the Jingle Pinnacle...Still training for that Jingle All-the-Way 8K Race.  Working at it...  Less than 14 days away!  Ready for the bells to ring.


In this video below, these parents may laugh now, but most likely were over-the-top with frustration in the moment...


Until next time...take advantage of some "Cyber" deals!

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