---going aimlessly from one subject to another, not systematic


In other words, basically desultory means "random", which describes this entry.


Observe this photo below and take a stab at what I did.  Don't cheat; make an assumption before reading the truth.


I see the bus within a half mile.

The crosswalk countdown reads:

Oncoming traffic doesn't seem to mind me much.  I throw my backpack down on the white dashed lines of the pavement, fish out my digital camera, only to find it on the wrong settings, finally set it correctly with shaky hands, snap a photo in the middle of North Capitol Street, and run before it can even fully capture as cars lay on their horns.  A fellow pedestrian clapped for the performance.  I take for granted being able to see the Capitol building everyday.  Worth the risk?  Most certainly.  Well, I missed the bus.  Oh well.  It was still worth it.  Perfect evening for a trot by foot.

(To Mom:  Save your breath and forget the safety lecture.  I won't attempt again.)


Speaking of the Capitol, I'll be on The Hill again tomorrow.  Most Americans can't say that too often.  The reason being is for our Congressional Briefing.  Prepped all day today at work and finishing touches to do in the morning and then it's GO time.


Last week I was on The Hill to meet Bob Gibbs, Ohio's 18th District Congressman.  Great discussion over a number of topics.  Unique opportunity.  Again, not many ever check that off their to-do list.



Good Eat of the Week:

Founding Farmers

We're on a roll!  Our boss has taken us out for lunch two times in the last two weeks.  This restaurant was just really cool.  I had to snap a photo of that ear corn.  It reminded me so much of home, especially my mom.  My parents are farmers.  Not to boast, but we have an impressive summer garden that feeds our family well into the winter months after Mom's canning.  Corn on the cob is one my favorites!


I've never been anywhere that honored Columbus Day, so having yesterday off was a first.  To make it better, the weather was gorgeous, which allowed me to shop at every possible store I could get to, and somehow came home EMPTY handed.  I assure you that happens rarely.  I now know which stores I want to check out again.  Some hot hits in Chinatown!


Until next time...take a risk!

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