Bona fides

Bona fides

I admire those who express their bona fides.  Getting to know our Mexican roommate, Aglaee, has been very special.


Bona fides:  honest intention, sincerity


Aglaee has a loving heart.  It's a commonality among those of the Mexican culture.  She prepared a scrumptious dinner for our apartment and a few other Mexican interns.  And, I do mean scrumptious...  Below captures the table and our two Mexican roomies, Aglaee & Marcela.


For those who intern with TWC, hear me clearly:  ATTEND THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL!  This festival is held at the RAF (where all interns live).  It's an opportunity to learn about all your fellow intern-mates who are from all parts of the world.  We have 14 different countries here this semester -- ranging from Ethiopia to South Korea!  We had a smorgasbord of delicious food, a fashion show, a talent show, and were able to enjoy the DJ to ourselves for a bit at the end of the night.  Aglaee participated in the talent show and I couldn't have been more proud to live with the girl!  She performed the Dance of the Deer, a dance very special and dear to the Mexican culture.


One last bit on Aglaee.  She's the hot topic obviously.  She asked for me to challenge her.  I now am writing down ten new English words each week for her to translate.  She then gives me her translation, so essentially, we both learn.  She has improved her English significantly since being here in D.C.  My Spanish is rusty so I'm excited to sharpen it up a bit.


NHMA Internship

Remember that Congressional Briefing I kept talking about?  Hear the last of it finally.  It was a great success!  Our reserved room was almost not able to hold the mass amount that arrived.  Our speakers had great presentations on research they've completed.  The speakers included a professor from USC's Keck School of Medicine, Pfizer, and BlueCross BlueShield.  Our supervisors were overly content and I believe they owe us interns another lunch...? Yes, I think that was part of the deal.


Leadership Communication Course

We have our mid-term next week already.  Whoa.  I have enjoyed reading "The Leadership Challenge" for this class.  Tonight we completed the Myers & Briggs personality questionnaire.  I've taken this before but didn't mind doing so again.  I wanted to see if by chance my personality had altered much.  Fortunately, I still am ISTJ.  Do I have any twins out there reading this??? If this sounds like a foreign language, refer here.  It's a plus to understand your own personality as well as those you associate with often.  It's also a plus for CEOs, managers, and other leaders of business and organzations so they understand how their employees think and function best.  Therefore, the leader can lead more effectively.  Don't know your personality type?  Highly suggested to be taken...along with your significant other!  Maybe it will help tone down any bickering...


Until next time...prove your bona fides.

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