Albrecht Discount!

Albrecht Discount!

ALDIFounded by Karl Albrecht and is a discounted supermarket based in Germany.

"ALDI" is short for ALbrecht DIscount.


ALDI has always been in my reach.  Both my hometown and college town have one...and now so does the Northeast quadrant of D.C.!  An easy 20 minute walk from the TWC living facility.  Affordable grocery store.  Great for us interns on a stiff budget.  It's on 17th Street NE.  Make a note.


Whole Foods Market


Any Whole Foods Market is a bit more upscale than ALDI.  Whole Foods is known for its supreme quality and natural products.  Its prices can pinch your wallet.  In a past entry, I mentioned about having to complete a Grocery Gap project for D.C. Hunger Solutions.  On Friday afternoon, my partner, Loi, and I headed out to our assigned Whole Foods store location to survey which foods the store offered and its lowest price for that food item.  Three hours later, we finally reached the last page of the survey.  It was time consuming, yet a beneficial experience.  A number of customers approached us thinking we were store employees due to our clipboards.  Once we explained what we were doing, they really appreciated our efforts to help narrow the grocery gap among D.C.'s communities.  From these surveys, it will be evident that certain communities have minimal availablity to healthy and affordable food products.


Below is page 2 of 7 for this survey...Now do you understand why it took us so long?


Extreme Makeover: Food Label Edition (Such a food-related entry this is, isn't it?...)


Our program had to complete research on an unsolved "problem".  I targeted America's dire need of a food label transformation.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for our current label and regulations, and for any future modifications.  I could go on and on about my findings.


Instead, if you're interested:


Click here to see a before-and-after label makeover comparison.

Click here to see a brand new and modern look option.  (Extreme makeover, eh?)


Mount Vernon Estate

You're always going to hear what you *must* do while in this city.  Folks, put the Mount Vernon Estate at the top of your lists.  This is where you find George Washington's mansion.  Historical.




Chair used during both terms of presidency...


The gorgeous back side...


And the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  fall-colored-filled view sitting on that back porch looking out to the Potomac River... I wouldn't mind having the Potomac River in my backyard...


Until next time...Happy NCAA Basketball season!  GO OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!!

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