'Tis the Season

This weekend will be my last weekend here in DC. I can't tell if I'm more excited to go home for the holidays and see my friends and family again, or if I'm more sad to leave the friends and life I made here. Either way, it's been an exhilarating experience and I don't know that I will ever experience anything like it again. I've been so busy these last few weeks as work and assignments flood my agenda. Thus, I am a little behind on the weekly updates!


The Season of Stuffing

Stuffing your turkey

A few weeks ago I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving. In Canada, we also celebrate Thanksgiving but the celebration happens in October. My sister came into town that weekend so it was really nice have some family around for the celebration. We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner together with a friend and her family who live in DC. They actually live in Bethesda, which is just right outside of the DC area in Maryland.

We had three different kinds of stuffing for dinner and it was just fantastic!

Back at the RAF, I know everyone had a celebration of their own. It was so much fun seeing everyone prepare for it that day and the day before. It was also exciting to see all the international students celebrate their first Thanksgiving in America as well.

And of course, we couldn't miss out on our first Black Friday experience in America either! We weren't ambitious enough to be there at midnight or 5am when the stores opened that day, but we did go to Pentagon City mall around noon. I know most people say the sale for the clothing aren't as great as the electronics sale but I thought they were great compared to anything I've seen in Canada!

So, here we are, contributing to the U.S. economy. In Canada, we have something similar called 'Boxing Day' but it happens the day after Christmas on December 26. However, Black Friday is so much better because this way, you can just do all of your Christmas shopping a month before! After Thanksgiving, expect everything to go on sale. So I would really not stress too much if you missed out on it :)


Stuffing your stockings

December would have to be my favorite month of the year! In the office, my colleagues and I lit the first day of the month up by decorating the office! The tree was, as always, my favorite part of it all.


This time around, everyone is scrambling to get their final portfolios together as well as finishing up term projects with the academic courses. All the students also presented their program specific project analyses all week. Every one was extremely busy these last couple weeks and stress levels were at an all time high. On top of the work, you also have to make the most out of your time in DC, spend every minute you have left with the friends you've made. We've been counting down our time together by having dinner with each other everynight.


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