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Ever experienced culture shock? Well, you're about to with grand magnitude! Most of you have probably been abroad either for work, school, or just a getaway. But how about being immersed in the plethora of about 15 countries at one time?



Food Contest

Let's begin with the winner of this semester's Food Contest. Let me warn you, attend this festival with an empty stomach! If you are a lover of food (as I am) and have an appreciation for ethnic foods, you will be ecstatic. Hopefully this will also serve to inspire prospective students to contribute to the food contest with as much enthusiasm as some of the students from this semester did.


Puerto Rico! A northestern Carribbean unincorporated territory of the United States with  vibrant culture and culinary influenced by Carribbean, Spanish, African and American nuances.



Second place: South Korea

Bulgogi and Korean-style vegetable pancakes! Bulgogi is a Korean style steak that is very famous and highly recommended if you have never tried it! Korean culinary is mostly popular for their side dishes (banchan). If you haven't already, find a local Korean BBQ and indulge yourself! You won't regret it I promise!


Third place: Kazakhstan, Kyrgzstan, and Russia. An odd trio of countries to come together but surprisingly similar in culture. I had very little knowledge of Kazakhstan and Kyrgzstan and was very intrigued by their display of food and culture at the festival.


If there were a fourth prize, I'm sure Mexico would have held it.

Menu: enchiladas and enmoladas topped with pico de gallo, guacamole, salsa, agua fresca (flavour water) hibiscus and tamarind, for dessert cookies with dulce de leche and sweet rice.


Belgium had Belgian dessert: jules de stroper cookies, speculaas, speculaaspaste on little toasts, the famous cote d or chocolate and chococlate fondu!


Australia-the lone ranger :)


Ethiopia made Fir Fir (a combination of injera and beef stew)


Finally, the Canadian team!


All the goodies we managed to garner for our booth: tourtiere (a french-canadian meat pie), bannok (a native bread), coffee crisp and crispy crunch chocolate bars, tim hortons coffee, maple syrup and maple candies!



Unfortunately, I don't have any graphical representation of the other countries who participated in this event, but to name a few others: Spain, Brazil, and China


While the festival was a great opportunity to douse your tongue with all the different spices and flavours from around the world, it was also a great chance to learn about and meet the diverse people from TWC that you haven't yet had the chance to. You can sense how zealous every group was in representing their country with the food and displays, the talent show, fashion show, and the speeches. Hopefully this will give prospective TWC students an idea of all the necessary goodies you will want to garner for your participation in the festivities.


Some would argue that the festival imbues a sense of patriotism that defeats the purpose of bringing together an international group so diverse. I would say that its a great way to gain an appreciation for the diversity and vibrant cultures at the root of every person here.


Song of the week by a Somali Canadian :)

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