Rolling The Dice

Rolling The Dice

Counting Down

The last few weeks have gone by so much quicker than I would have liked them to. I've never wanted things to slow down more than I do right now. Looking back, I barely remember what November entailed, and already we are in December. This time around, I've started panicking and thinking about what else needs to be done before I leave this city.


After giving it some thought, I still can't believe how fortunate I am to have been on this journey. I'm in a whole new city living in a beautiful apartment, having made amazing friendships and experiencing something that most people will never be able to as a young student in their academic careers. I've really got to start thinking about how I can make these last weeks matter more than the last 3 months already have. Washington, DC is a city that I would definitely want to come back to in the future.  


How To Battle The Storm

A couple weeks ago, we had an extremely rainy and gloomy week. What I love about DC weather (at least so far) is that the sun always shines after the storm. This past weekend was sunny and beautiful out, which was perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday.


The best thing to do on an ugly day out is to be inside! And the best place to be is in another fabulous Smithsonian. Another museum worth visiting is the Natural Museum of Natural History! If you go through this massive museum extensively, it will take about 3-4 hours to do so.


How about starting off with what is arguably the world's largy ruby, the Carmen Lucia, generously donated by a philanthropist, Peter Buck, in memory of his wife (Carmen)? That must be the most romantic thing ever... This picture doesn't quite do the thing justice but you get the point.


In Ghana, there is a belief that these highly crafted caskets will take the newly deceased on to a journey to the afterlife. Coffins crafted as hammers, planes, boats, foods, and animals among others bury loved ones in something that reflects their trade. What would you want to be buried in?

Apparently, not much has evolved in how people get buried after death. Burials and rituals existed back then as much as they do today.

Just an elephant? Hehe actually, I'm sure there is a much more fascnating story behind this handsome creature.

Hmm... interesting....

Can't leave the mummies out of a history museum!

Hopefully that wasn't too boring of a preview and inspring enough that you will want to add it to your list of museums to visit in DC!


Another fun thing to do on a rainy and cold day is to have a cozy home-made dinner with your friends, whether it be Korean food...

...or a Vietnamese salad roll party...

This is definitely going to be what I'll miss the most.. just eatng and hanging out with friends who live an elevator-ride away!



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