The Remedy

The Remedy

 Another Week in DC.

There's nothing more pleasant than a walk to Capitol Hill on an early autumn morning.


Already more than two weeks into November! I think many of us are trying to avoid that reality. This semester has really gone by way too quickly. I have to say that I am most impressed with this weather. Seeing as it's snowing back in my hometown but still in the high 10s and low 20s (degree Celsius) here in DC makes me dread the nearing end to this journey even more. Work is starting to pile up in every aspect of life in DC. Perhaps this is the reason why each week seems to be coming to an end so quickly. This week is going to be so hectic. I'll be lobbying on the hill for my civic engagement project as well as preparing for the Public Policy Dialogue which I will share more about when I've completed them.



 This was the perfect weekend for us to visit the Arlington National Cemetary which coincided with Veteran's Day weekend. There's something so beautiful and serene about the place that takes away the somber feeling that you would normally feel in a cemetary so big. The military cemetary, established during the American Civil War, is over 600 acres and is the burial site of over 300,000 veterans ranging from the civil war to the modern wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.



This was a beautiful view of DC from the top of the hill at the cemetary. Some of the notable burials in the Arlington National Cemetary include J.F Kennedy's along with his wife and kids and the Tomb of the Unknowns. If you come at the right time  you can catch the changing of the guards, which is always something really nice to see if you have never seen one. We spent quite a chunk of our morning here because it was so big and such a nice walk.


I hope that the weather will continue to be this nice. It really motivates us to walk around the city and explore much more than we normally would if it were too cold. My favorite part of autumn would have to be the colors. And something I've noticed in DC is that there are plenty of trees every where you go. The air is really so much fresher than most other capitals which are clouded with polluted air. Besides the traffic on the road, which I won't argue is one of the worst, I have never found it to be too crowded walking around the city no matter the time of day.

We also had the chance to visit the National Gallery of Art this weekend. We decided to walk to the gallery instead of taking the Metro and it was so worth it. You'll really start to realize how close everything really is in DC.


We only had time to traverse through the East Building. The building was extremely spacious. It will definitely take a couple hours at least to go through one building. And there is a great cafeteria and the food was wonderful as well.


One of my favorite rooms was the one featuring Andy Worhol. You can find some funky stuff and inspiring work from the king of Pop Art in here. You can trace out his life through most of his work. And most of the gift shops in the building features him. So if you have any friends who are Andy Warhol fans, it would be a great place to get gifts.  


You can find inspiring art in almost any gallery.


Pictures are obviously not permitted in the galleries. I really recommend people to check out these museums. They are all free! Take advantage of this! The gift shops were great as well. Perfect for souvenirs. At this time of year, it's perfect to begin holiday season shopping!


And don't forget to visit the Sculpture Gardens!




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