le plus beau du quartier

le plus beau du quartier

Georgetown. One of the first places that people will go to once in DC. I, however, was a little behind. I finally decided that there was an urgent need to visit Georgetown a little after a month now, at least before the weather turned ugly. Sorry to digress, but speaking of the weather, I am extremely impressed! Back in Calgary, the weather seems reluctant to move much higher than 10 °C, which translated to ‘American’ is about 54°F. Seems it won’t be too long from now until snow will start to fall. How I would love to share the beautiful weather in DC with you, Calgary!


Back to DC events: if you are the type that takes interest in fashion, entertainment, and/or culinary arts, Georgetown would be your haven!


Dean & Deluca, an upscale, almost too extravagant grocery store at the heart of Georgetown. I think it’s every girl's dream to go grocery shopping in here… well, at least it’s mine! If you knew how much I enjoyed grocery shopping, you would understand :D

There’s Friendship Heights, home to designer clothing (I’ll give you an update on what’s fun in Friendship Heights next time!); then we have Georgetown, home to designer cupcakes! Unfortunately, with the sun melting down on us, we didn’t feel up for the task of lining up behind this ridiculous line, which kept getting longer and longer as we were contemplating.

Georgetown Cupcakes is apparently famous worldwide. I don’t think Calgary has heard of them yet, so I think I’ll have to come back and see if it’s worth spreading the rumor.


We didn’t get cupcakes, but we got the next best thing, crepes! Word of advice: if you like bananas, nutella, and coconut, I’ll tell you that these three ingredients have never tasted better together than in a crepe! I would say that the crepes here were mediocre. It was satisfying enough that I can't really complain.



Off the main streets, we found a cute little cafe, and I mean literally, it was 'the cutest cafe in Georgetown.' For those of you who are die hard bubble tea fans, well, here is a place you can go to get some!

They also sell crepes, and delicious looking paninis!


Finally, fashion. For the ladies.. and ocassional gentlemen, who love clothing..


Generally, Georgetown is a bit more expensive but you'll find most of your favorite brand names here.



The Metro doesn’t take you to Georgetown so you would have to take the metro and a bus to get there, which is just unnecessarily expensive. From the RAF, the best way to get to Georgetown is to take a circulator from Union Station. Circulators cost one dollar and generally they go to quite a few different districts in DC.


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