I've always liked to settle in to a new city by making the city as cosy and as close to the feeling of being at home as I possibly could. In this sense, I always seem to travel back to the same places in the city every week and neglect to really explore the touristy parts. This is probably a reflection of why most of my blogs haven't featured many particular parts of town. This isn't to say that there aren't great areas worth going to. One of my favorite parts of any city are the older more historical/colonial areas which give you a 'European' feeling.  Basically, streets filled with restaurants, little shops, local boutiques, and occasional outdoor terraces all fit into the description. When you walk into these parts of town,  it's the architecture that really stands out. 

We decided to venture out a little further this weekend and travelled to Alexandria in Virginia. Alexandria is an independent city just on the outside perimeter of DC easily accesible by the Metro via the blue or yellow line. It's particularly beautiful this time of year with great weather and really a very romantic stroll :) . The historical setting and colorful trees this time of year really sets a nice mood if you want to spend a nice day with someone exploring the city. Fortunately, I was able to explore this little part of town with my friends Sharon, Nicole, and Kaylen which was quite romantic enough for me :)

There are plenty of shops, but don't expect to find large commercial chain shopping like H&M, etc. The local clothing boutiques are typically a bit pricier, but still worth visiting. There are tons of unique and chic boutiques, specialty stores, gift shops, and great shops with delicious treats. It's a great place to go to begin shopping for the holidays! Christmas shopping from Old Town Alexandria soon :)


My favorite part would have to be the small cafes and little restaurants with the small terraces along the sidewalk. We chose to brunch at a cute and cozy little cafe called Bread & Chocolate. It was great and decently priced. If you're a mac & cheese lover, I highly suggest trying out theirs. It's gluton free and probably the best mac & cheese I've ever had!


A very unique venue worth visiting if you are an art lover is the Torpedo Factory. Apparently it's available for wedding receptions too!





Pentagon City Shopping!

And on your way back into DC, of course don't miss out on the chance to stop at Pentagon City for a real transition from the little boutiques to a 4-story shopping mall. About 3 or so stops away, we stopped at this mall for some autumn clothing. It has a huge Nordstrom and Macy's along with the rest of the stores, and it was impossible for us to traverse through the whole mall. We'll probably be back here for the highly anticipated 'Black Friday' shopping at the end of November.




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