Hello, Ladies and Gents. Welcome back to my blog,


In 2 more weeks (I think it's 2), you will no longer be seeing new posts here :(


Yep, the program is getting down to the wire, and my main focus is getting my papers revised and together, and preparing for the best holiday of the year, and that can only be…


Valentines Day!!!!!


Wait...that doesn’t seem right...


Christmas!!! (^ ^)


Well, I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this holiday.


So what are a couple of things that identify with Christmas?


Well, lets see…




A Christmas is not a Christmas, without seeing and playing in the snow. Lets be honest, every Christmas movie you’ve seen has that favorite setting, and for some reason people look a little happier when they start watching snow flakes falling from the sky.


All of the Lights


As you may know, brigh colorful lights play a huge part in this holiday.


There are people as we speak decorating their offices, houses, stores, etc. with a bunch of lights to signify the Christmas spirit.




Most of the time, you don't see the lights without their being complimented by the toys and images of Santa, snowman, and elves..


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…


Of course Christmas isn’t Christmas without the millions of holiday songs that will be playing all month long.


From classic Christmas music to the Reggae Christmas hits, if you really want to feel that Merry Christmas just put on some good music while having a hot cup of chocolate.


Side note: If you thought Thanksgiving is the only time to pig out, you are mistaken. Food is a must when it comes to Christmas.


Now what else am I missing Hmmmmmmm.


Let Me Think…Oh DUH...




No one says to him or herself, “Hey, I cant wait for Christmas and NOT get a present.” People don't want to admit it, but everyone wants a present for Christmas, regardless of the age.


Presents shows a sign of warmth, and that somebody out there cares for you.


Now don't get me wrong, there are millions of misfortunate people out there that are in need of our help, so make sure you donate any old/new toys, shoes, and clothes this month, to let someone know you care.


Oh, and by the way...


It is time for Current News:

Say it isn't so:


Presidential hopeful Herman Cain suspends his campaign due to recent allegations of sexual misconduct.


Sigh...Oh well, it was entertainment while it lasted.


Well, thats all folks. Until next time. Bye


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