It's Time

It's Time



Hi, and welcome back to my blog. Don't know if this is my last blog, so until then, I’m going to treat it like it is and touch on a few things that my fellow students want me to cover before signing off.



Well, within the past two weeks, I must say that I have had the most memorable times in my life. I graduated from the University of South Florida, finally finished my TWC program, and had good times with friends while enjoying the rest of my stay in D.C.





These are my graduating picture. I wish that I had a video of me walking on stage, cause I made sure to make my 1:30 shine. I was the 2nd to last name that was called, and I really planned to be last, but there were some technical difficulties, but that is neither here nor there. I did my SIgma Walk (fraternity dance, and my Manic Dance (see below LOL).



The Maniac Dance (Yes, I did this LOL.)



The Sigma Walk ( Blu Phi!)


Overall, I'm glad that I made my way down to Florida and did something that I was considering not doing in the first place, and now I will remember this special event forever.


Now, on to TWC commencement.





I know people really wanted me to talk about it, so here goes...


I made sure I was bakc in town for commencement, and in my honest opinion, I expected a little more. It was pretty much like "here, take this booklet, reminisce, and go off and be somebody."


But with my graduation buzz still lingering, I wasn't really as hyped about commencement.


I also had a wonderful time with some of my friends, and we decided to go out every night before we leave. Here are some of the pics below:



This was the bar at Club Lima. It was a pretty nice looking place, aside from the abundance of techno music.


This was the DJ booth, and those ball looking things are made of paper (I think).



This was costume karaoke that some of my TWC friends and I went to this week. As you can see, they are looking a hot mess and didn't know the words of the Beyonce song they were singing...


Checking Out


And if you didn't check out already, make sure that you do before they charge you, your dog, your grandma, and pet fish. TWC is not playing with students. They want you OUT by 12 p.m. sharp on Saturday, and if you don't follow the guidelines, they are going to charge you for every little thing. I'm a rebel when it comes to this sort of thing normally, but I'm not calling their bluff.


Well, I think this is my last blog, and I hope you enjoyed most of them (or even all of them). And my last advice I would give you is LIVE LIFE, and the more experiences you embark on, the more that you will become a better and more successful person.


BYE *tears*


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