Hibernation Time!

Hibernation Time!

Hello everyone, and welcome again.


Well, this blog won't be an extra long blog like I usually post, but it is always packed with the same awesomeness. ;)


Now, I am not the only one here that loves to cook, and if you’re like me, you cook at least 3 times a week.


Food is not cheap nowadays, so sometimes you need things that you can stretch out during a month span, which is why I am here today to fill you in on certain things that I like to buy--especially, when I need some form of sustenance that is affordable.


Ramen Noodles



If you don’t know what this is, then you are missing out on life. This is the food that survived through wars, Great Depressions, and even Rebecca Black.


Ok, that was pretty mean, but bottom line: Ramen is one of the most inexpensive foods that you can buy, and it comes in handy if you have no other food to eat or you don’t feel like cooking.


All you need is some boiling water and you're done.


And for my health conscious fanatics, you can always add some vegetables to the bowl to make the meal a little healthier looking.





Well, this is also a college student’s favorite meal of choice when you’re being lazy.


I am not the hardcore straight spaghetti fan who'll just eat it with sauce. I tend to cook chicken or meat to complement my spaghetti, but once again, if you are lazy then this meal is pretty straight forward--just some spaghetti and spaghetti sauce.


For the health fanatics, I’m sorry but this meal is far from healthy, but just put some more vegetables in…yea that’ll work.





Now I am not a cereal fan unless its Lucky Charms and Cookie Crisp, other than that I am not buying it. If you’re like me, cereal isn’t just for breakfast. It’s a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and most of the time I don’t even use milk.





Ok, I know it’s not food, but you need it, period. Plus you can get a huge pack for about $5 depending on the brand.




This Weather



Now I am done talking about food, because I am getting hungry, but I am going to talk about the weather, because I am cold.


It is almost that time of the year that most people wait for (for some reason) and others who can’t stand the cold. I’ve been too accustomed to Florida, to actually accept and embrace the fact that it’s going to be freezing and snowing in the upcoming weeks/months.


I know most of you can’t wait to put on the winter outfits, trying to look sexy....


I, on the other hand, am still going to try and keep it dapper, but I am not forgetting my:


  • Scarf
  • Chap Stick
  • Gloves
  • Skully Hat

SN: That Guy Above, Is The Sexiest Guy In All Of America, I Have Such A Man Crush On Him....


And before I end this blog, does anyone besides me ALWAYS get shocked by the elevator button in the RAF?


It’s that friction and weather, I tell ya.


Well I am gone, so Ciao.


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