Goons and Goblins

Goons and Goblins

Hello, everyone. It’s me again, and welcome back to my most recent blog. I would like to first recognize and acknowledge everyone that has been viewing my blogs thus far; you all are ok in my book.


Back to regularly scheduled programming...



Well, it's almost that time for you to buy that cool costume, candy, horror flicks, and popcorn cause next week is…




Yes, some of you don’t celebrate it, and some of you probably don’t know what it is, but I like it because it’s the only time they play classic horror movies on TV.


I don’t really buy costumes, and go trick or treating, because I feel like I passed that stage, but I'll go to a Halloween party :) I’ll tell you that much.


During my Halloween happy days in Brooklyn, NY, I used to bring shopping bags full of candy, and it wasn’t the joy of having the candy. The joy came from filling all my bags with the candy, and I would never eat all of it--especially the candy corns (yuck), stale fortune cookies( -_-) or any of the miscellaneous wrapped hard candies (the butterscotch, strawberry-shaped strawberries etc.).


Well I’m done with my flashbacks of the good old days. Time to get my Siskel and Ebert on and review the recent movie I saw, which is...


Paranormal Activity 3


Now, I am not a professional movie critic, so I am not going to explain the full movie in detail, and totally bash or praise the movie. What I am going to do is, give you my simple opinion and if it's a yay or nay to go and see it.


Well, well...


The directors finally came out with another Paranormal Activity film, like the first two weren't really enough. Once again, I became caught up in the hype and eventually went out of my way to see it. The only thing I would really say about it, is once you seen the first two, there really isn’t a different template on the third film, its pretty much the same thing, except that you don't have to spend 30+ minutes to get a jump. If you just want a scare here or there, or your date gets really scared watching horror flicks, then this is for you, so enjoy.


I give it 3/5 Yays...


Now in recent news...


If you’re a student like me, and you have student loans that you are trying to pay off, then this is the post that you’ll want to read.


Obama to offer help for students buried in debt




I must confess that I still watch cartoons, and not the cartoons you see on Adult Swim or Cartoon Network, but Japanese cartoons called anime.


My favorite Shows are...








The Manga (Japanese Comics) are also cool to read if you can't wait on the shows coming out. Please don't judge me, 'cause I know most you probably watch cartoons! lol


Well, that's all there is from me, so make sure you tune in next time. Below this, you will find this week's music selection, and pictures of Howard University’s Homecoming.








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